Reikenzan - Hoshikuzu-tachi no Utage

Reikenzan – Hoshikuzu-tachi no Utage – 03

Reikenzan – Hoshikuzu-tachi no Utage

In the anime’s story, a comet falling will bring about a great calamity, and in order to choose a child fated by the falling comet, the family of the “Reiken” clan with a long storied history is once again resuming its entrance examination process to find disciples. The protagonist, who possesses a special soul that is only available once in a thousand years, decides to take the exam, and he starts down the path toward becoming an exceptional sage.

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13 thoughts on “Reikenzan – Hoshikuzu-tachi no Utage – 03

  1. Can you guys sub the ova series that did not get subbed yet like Triage X OVA, Hantsu x Trash and Queen’s Blade: Grimoire

  2. Thanks guys for doing such a great job on this anime. a little more proofreading to catch the few spelling grammatical error and the times (so far only in episode 2) where I think you have left the Romanian Subs would raise the quality of your subbing from fair to good.

    Keep up the great work

  3. You’re catching up fast! Thanks!
    It’s sad to see a lot of trashy animes getting priorites fram a lot of fansubs and cool animes like this one being forgotten.
    I hope you guys catch up with Japan real soon.
    Thanks for giving this anime an opportunity!
    And keep up the good work! (y)

    1. Thank you! Comment increase team morale.
      We try to do everything we can, unfortunately there are few that we handle this project, but each increase morale and support us if we work better.

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